SESSION 2: ESG Investing: Implementing “Green” Investing Practices Demanded by Clients

Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) issues have become part of the corporate lexicon, perhaps now more than ever before.  As ESG investing is moving to the forefront for both regulators and investors, the role compliance professionals play is critical with increasing risks associated with disclosures and reporting requirements. In this session we will examine ESG investing, its impact on the compliance department, and share best practices of managing this burgeoning area.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore ESG investing, including the various definitions and factors impacting investment decisions, and the key risks faced by ESG investors
  • Explore the regulatory review of ESG investing and the current regulatory landscape (e.g. SEC market task force, risk alert, greenwashing, etc.)
  • Explore the different ESG NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and their reporting/disclosure frameworks (PRI, CFA Institute, TCFD, Net Zero, etc.)
  • Discuss practical tips and best practices for the compliance oversight of ESG investing